Journal 1 & 2

In the first 100 pages of “Caves of Steel”, I realized how rich it was with themes that actually made me want to read it till the end. One of the most important things I read was when R. Daneel was explaining to Baley his actions after the incident at the shoe store, when Daneel said, ”… My briefing on human characteristics here among the people of Earth includes the information that, unlike the men of the Outer Worlds, they are trained from birth to accept authority. Apparently this is a result of your way of living.” (38). This passage shows exactly the human way of life throughout the history. It reflects how a force called the law, which people are scared of, rules the world. That’s why they follow and respect it. If anybody breaks the law, they get punished. So the author wanted to show the reader how the colonized people were ruled and that it wouldn’t happen in any other way.



In the other half, another passage caught my attention is when Dr. Fastolfe was talking to Baley about him carrying a disease from the City, and that the spacers have no antibodies against any of the germs. He said, “Earth is riddled with diseases to which we have no defense, no natural defense” (118). The author here wanted to show why the spacers are afraid of the humans, and why every human entering has to be cleaned and checked for germs and diseases. This incident reminds me of the Ellis Island incident that happened years ago here in the United States. This island was the base of the first federal immigration station. Immigrants used to be taken to this island and checked for any disease that could be fatal, before entering the states.

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