Class Notes – 2/13/14

How cultural differences become grounds for distrust, projection of fear

Analysis of themes in Caves of Steel

Group work:

each group picks 2 themes

for each theme, find 3 passages that 1) are significant for that theme; 2) are rich in meaning and/or metaphorical; and 3) that show some development of the theme or progression/shift in the way it appears during the course of the book


Group 1: Ori, Martin, Chris, Sasha, Jonathan

  1. Human-spacer relations — p. 118
  2. Conformity vs. individualism

Group 2: Tristan, Michael R., Jenny, Pedro, Raymond

  1. Colonization / survival of humankind – p.0124
  2. Fall of Society
  3. Tolerance

Group 3: Sergiy, Mohommad, Danielle, Yingwen

  1. Human/robot tensions
  2. biblical references
  3. issue of power

Group 4: Rev, Jonathan, Carlos, Daiane, Jamal

  1. human-spacer relations
  2. attitudes towards emigration

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