Reading Journal #2

The separations of people or groups are present in both worlds, making caves of steal similar to our own domain. A significant difference is represented in scale; the spacers seem to have a pessimistic view on earth dwellers. As a result both sides live with little interaction, promoting misinformed stereotypes. Division because of believes, ideas and views currently exist but not at the scale which is amplified within ‘Caves of Steal’. The threat of diseases appears to be enough reason for the spacers to reduces contact of an entire planetary colony. It is interesting how this future interpretation follows a path that resembles our history. Isolation between civilizations has always encouraged some form of conflict when contact is made. It may not be violent, but one side seems to benefit only.

Currently automated machinery is seen as a benefit, providing efficiency and reducing human error. Caves of steal portray a world where both humans and robots are contending for jobs opportunities. The living standards have also decreased to ensure an efficient system. It is ironic that advancing technology echo’s a convenient lifestyle in our world, but is seen as a hurdle in CoS. Reducing freedom to further increase productivity seems to defeat the purpose of robots and technology in general. While this does not accurately reflect our current situation, this future is possible with machinery being more capable of undertaking human objectives or task.


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