Spring 2020 Modern Physics PHYS 2443 ID Guest Lecture

On Tuesday, Mar. 3, 2020, Prof. Jason Ellis gave a guest lecture in the Modern Physics (PHYS 2443ID) class. You can watch it above. The topic is science fiction in which physics is important and fundamental to the story. In relation to this, he will discuss:

In preparation for the class, here are some readings and other resources that will be referenced in the discussion:

Link to Prof. Ellis’ Google Slides Presentation.

Science Fiction Students are Interested In

Isaac Asimov

Strugatsky Brothers

Starship Troopers

Cosmos: A Spacetime Ody


The Three Body Problem

Rick and Morty


2 thoughts on “Spring 2020 Modern Physics PHYS 2443 ID Guest Lecture

    1. Jason W. Ellis Post author

      Hi LeRoy,

      You won’t be able to attend this guest lecture, because it is for another class and only the students enrolled in that class can attend.

      We’re going to discuss some of the topics in the guest lecture in further depth in our ENG2420 class. Also, I’ll share these links with the rest of our class, too.

      Best, Professor Ellis

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