Final Haul of the Science Fiction Collection Now in the Library


On Friday, April 22, 2016, Prof. Jason Ellis finished moving the last 40 boxes of the City Tech Science Fiction Collection into the Library’s Archives. In order to fit the most important parts of the collection on the 400 linear feet of available shelf space, he boxed the¬†Ellery Queen and Alfred Hitchcock detective fiction magazines as well as the horror fiction novels, which had been put on the shelves earlier in the relocation. Unfortunately, there is not enough shelf space at this time to accommodate the entire donation, which means this part will need to remain boxed until additional space is made available. The immediate institutional needs of the collection places priority on the larger portion of the collection, which encompasses science fiction magazines, novels, anthologies, and scholarship. However, even with the non-SF material back in boxes, there is one remaining box of science fiction novels that need to go on the shelves after the odd free shelf space is reclaimed and the collection as a whole consolidated on the shelf space. Then, a photographic finding aid can be produced and the City Tech Library’s archivists can begin their incredibly important work of cataloging and preserving the collection. Below are images representative of the material moved in during this last haul, notably a large number of rare anthologies. Also, the fullness of the five rows of shelves is evident despite the stack of detective fiction taken off the shelves shown in the stack of boxes below.

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