observation on learning Yann Tchoumta

observational learning is a process in which a person observes another person’s behavior  and  the consequences of the behavior. Children are excellent example of observational learning. They watch parents, family, friends, teachers etc… and they copy it. it means that they could copy good or bad habits. so, the adults should be a model for children and assist them during their learning. Recently, a clear happened to my friend. He asks to his little brother not eat in the room because the food can bring rats. my friend told ” every day i repeat the same thing but he doesn’t understand “. when i asked to his little brother why he doesn’t obey, since he eats in his room i didn’t see rats. I concluded that because my friend doesn’t show the good example of learning. it’s like i encourage you to get a good behavior but i don’t show you the right one.

observation on learning

Philippe Paul


Prof. Schutz


As living beings there are many ways for us to obtain new skills. It can either be taught to us or we simply learn it ourselves through experience. The most fundamental knowledge that we all need is the knowledge of numbers. I’ve been observing my older brother teaching his son how to count. what I noticed is my nephew would memorize the sequence of the numbers, but if you were to point at a specific number to him, and ask which number is this he wouldn’t know. That first observation let me know that my nephew still didn’t know his numbers. Upon further lessons from my brother my nephew then started to become more familiar with each number. My brother would ask my nephew to write random numbers on a sheet of paper and my nephew would get it right.

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When: September 7