Observation on learning

Everyone can say that they are learning something, but only some people are able to capture the information. We can learn good thing just like the bad ones too. For example, last summer, my little cousin would get in trouble for the same reason. He would follow his sister and do the something she did. They would come home from school and play video games instead of doing their homework. Even though my aunt would ask them to stop playing games and start doing their homework they wouldn’t listen at all. Until my aunt lost patient and took their video games away for almost a month. So every time they came home from school, they had to do their homework, plus extra work like reading, writing or math. I have noticed that my little cousin would learn the bad habit of his sister in which they both got punished. After two weeks they got punished, their attitude had changed instead of being rude they were acting nice since my aunt started to be strict. They receive a positive punishment because their attitude became better and they got better grades on their report card.

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Who: My little cousins, my aunt

When: last year

Where: home

Yuseth Lopez Torres – group 2

Observation on Attention-Yuseth Lopez

I was at work and Fridays are the busiest and long day at work, where people drive you crazy. There’s always one customer that is so picky, rude and changing their mind like every second or whom kids always go crazy in the store. I was helping a lady that had three children, therefore the mother seems so stressed out and tired. She had a basket full of cookies, donuts, bread, and drinks, but, she had put them in a plastic bag and then decide that she wants them in a counter. Therefore, I took them out the bags and neatly put them in the box, then she tells me that she wants to buy a birthday cake in which I also pack. She paid with a credit card. I gave her receipt and card back, in which she put it in her bag, but, since one of her kids was trying to take off his shoes. She had her attention to him and somehow she forgot that she had put them away. The lady left the store with her kids. It only took her like five minutes to come back to the store and ask me for her credit card. I told her to check her bag and she found the card. Recently I have notice few moms forget receiving their card after paying. Every person is distracted in their own world and it’s hard to focus more than one situation.One can physically do things but mentally forget what they have done just in second. We only allow our mind to do one thing and block the rest without unconscious knowing.


Who : customer and I

When: Friday

Where: my job

group 2