Group 3 Ying Ren observation on learning.

location: At class

observation on the girl who sits in front of me for math class for 2 days

I was in math class with my friend, and there is girl who’s sits in front of me who seems to get very stress out every time when the professor is asking us to try to do a question, she seems to give up on every question that she doesn’t know how to do, and me and my friend was asking her if she needed any help with the questions but she said no, but we also told her if you need help then she can ask us. I think she does need some help because she was stressing out on one question I think its probably because she was shy to ask us, but after a few minutes pass by she was slowly turning back and ask us for help . so we┬átaught her the┬áprocess to do the question and she also repeated using the formula, on the second day of the class she was abel to solve the qustion using the formula with out any┬ástruggle. on this case learning can be something that you can try to do that you were afraid to do also learning can be something that you take in to get a solution.