Observation on Learning

Ricardo Condado

Psychology 1101



Learning is the ability to obtain a skill through the process of experience or it being taught. I personally experienced an example of learning. I own a dog named, skipper. We took him from a family friend since they didn’t want skipper. Before owning him, he didn’t know how to cover himself in his blanket. Skipper loved to sit next to my father. Every time skipper sat next to my father, my father would cover him up with his own sheets. Eventually, skipper learned to cover himself up in his blankets. And hasn’t been cold since then.

Ricardo Condado – Attention Assignment

Attention can make one focus on one thing and distract them from their surroundings. For example, I’ve personally experienced this. This happened in June. I was on my way home, meanwhile I was in an argument with my friend through text. I was very focused on the conversation. As I got into the bus I took a quick glimpse to see if there were seats available. As soon as I get in a spot on the bus I receive a text from my father. It read, “look at the back of the bus.” I quickly turned my head and see my father sitting down. I didn’t notice him at all as I was focused on the argument I had with my friend.