Ana Bravo: Observation on learning

People learn or take in information every day on different things, wether they are conscious or unconsciousMost of the learning humans adquire happens when they are kids. Humans learn the basics to walking, running talking and other things. However there are many things that they have to learn throughout their life, learning happens every day or most of the time. Kids learn things by looking or hearing someone doing it. Kids are taugh most things by tbeir parents and teacher’s. This is the case of my brother, since I’m the oldest I am the one who teaches and helps my brother learn. I have been observing my brother while he does his homework alone and , got to the conclusion that my brother learns how to do his homework on his own when someone teaches him twice or three times. My brother had trouble with math,and I sat with him and helped him by explaining step by step on how to do simple math. My brother would watch me do two problems or three and then say he can do it on his own. When I was done showing him how to do it, I will then give him some problems to do own his own. When he was doing his problems I saw that my brother will recall how to solve the problem. He will either use a number line or draw pictures. But after two problems he will use his fingers or nothing at all (may e every time he counted, he will count on his mind),this got me to think that after some problems he got confident and used only his hand,he wouldn’t need to draw or use a number line which was good.

Who:My brother

Where:My house

When:Last year

Ana Bravo Observation on Attention

When a person is thinking about something or doing something they filter out their surrounding. A person puts all of their attention to one thing that the rest does not matter. The brain cannot perform many things at once and for this, it only focuses on one thing and ignores the rest. The person may be able to catch some parts of the ignored things or may not. Last week, I went to to the Hospital to pick up some results. To kill time I started reading my book and really focused on the book that I started to imagine the scenes of the book, and forget that I was at the hospital.I ignored where I was until I felt a tap on my shoulder, it was the nurse. The nurse said that she had called my name twice but I didn’t remember to hear anything.