Positive reinforcement has been seen to be the best way to make other people  do what you want, sometimes  a negative  reinforcement might work better but the question is if the person  convinced that  doing what you want them to do is right or the person  is doing it because  you are reinforcing it. Well I have observed  some kids in the past but I never knew  this could be  connected to way people learn.some kids lived in the same compound  with me which has 8 apartment and It has been  a  traditional thing for parents of this kids to buy their  kids toys, video games,  cellphones,bicycle, or whatever they requested for as long as they have good grades at the end of the section. Considering  what I observed , most of  the kids were able to  please their parents since a reward was guaranteed. However  two kids couldn’t get  any gift since they didn’t meet up with the expected grades. This two kids are always  left to watch other kids whiles they have fun with what they have. Am sure that must have frustrated them enough  until they realize that  the  only thing they can do is to study harder. As expected  this two kids grades went up they got gift for  that at the end of  another section, but  the unexpected  happened some of  the kids  that had good grades before had lesser grades which made there parents think they made a mistake  by buying  them video games and cellphones because they were distracted by  it. Well I was curious to know  what will happen  if their parents  took the previous  reward from them  how much that can also affect their  grades . Even though the kids got what the want it seems to me like the kids were more intested in the reward rather than getting higher gradeswhich is their parents  piority

Who: my neighbors  kid’s

Where: within my compound

When : during the  summer break 2014 and winter break  2015




  1. This is an interesting set of observations that gets one thinking about just how this operant conditioning works, isn’t it?
    One thing, among others, that it brings to the fore is the question of how to effectively use such approaches. How long does one need to set up the reward system? How should one change it over time to get the best results?

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