Observations on Learning

My observation is on my little sister AnaBella she three years old and she has a habit of coming into my room without knocking on the door. Every time AnaBella will walk right in I would tell her “AnaBella stop walking into the room without knocking on the door.” I would then make her go back out and re-enter the room but with knocking on the door.  Anabella had a habit of walking into my room several times in the last couple of months, where now in the present time she has learn to knock before entering my bedroom. Anabella learn over the course of several months to knock before entering my bedroom after being shown how to properly walk into a room and was spoken to multiple times.

Who: Anabella (sister ) Jesus (I)

When: The Last couple of Months. June, July, August and September.

Where: My Bedroom at my house.

1 thought on “Observations on Learning

  1. This is a brief observation and it would be good to hear more about the process of teaching your sister what you wanted her to learn. What technique(s) did you use? If you had to show her what you wanted her to do several times, as it seems, what is it that got her to change her behavior in the end?
    Thanks for the reference.

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