Gustavo Diaz observation on learning

This past weekend my friends decided that they wanted to start playing the video game┬áDestiny┬áagain, so that they could complete the “King’s Fall Raid”. The “King’s Fall Raid” is one of the most frustrating and time consuming challenges I’ve ever faced in a video game. The challenge lies in the fact that you need six people┬áto complete the raid and each one┬áthose people┬ámost be able to follow instructions and be quick learners/thinkers because they are all equally important.┬áAs one of the only people to have completed the raid before i┬áhad to teach 5 other clueless people how to get through each section of this long difficult raid. It took a lot of social learning for my group of friends to start being successful and progressing. I first explained what each one of them had to do in each part and then i showed each one of them by doing it myself. If one of my friends understood┬ábefore the others i would tell them to help me demonstrate each step by imitating everything that┬ái did. There was a lot of failing and questionable quick thinking decisions┬ábut i got to observe a group of people go from being clueless and not good to being knowledgeable and capable. Just to give you an idea, a group of 6 people that know what they’re doing can complete this raid in about 1 hour.Me and my friends took about 7 hours to complete this raid.

Who: Me and my group of friends

Where: My house, playing the game Destiny on Playstation 4

When: sunday, september 4th

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  1. A nice example of social learning. I like that you did some documentation of the process of learning and provide a quantification, at the end, of how long it took.

    Good references.

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