Learning Observation – Amanda Martinez

When: September 9-11

Who: My little brother

During our last class session we learned about different learning methods. I’ve tested two of these methods while helping my little brother complete and learn his homework.

My little brother is 6 years old so he is very easily distracted. One day while helping him complete his homework I told him if he got majority of his reading questions right I will reward him with ice cream. He immediately sat up with excitement and did what I asked.

The next day I told my little brother if he got majority of his questions wrong then I would take away his iPad. My little brother had a confused and concerned look on his face. As he tried to read he kept thinking about the punishment I mentioned and kept losing his focus. He began to cry but still continued doing his work. Over all the positive reinforcement method had a greater learning experience than the negative punishment method.

1 thought on “Learning Observation – Amanda Martinez

  1. OK, you did a small experiment here and even though it was small found out some interesting things. Do tell us a bit more about that. For instance, what would it take to turn these interventions into an ongoing program of studying?

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