Attention Assignment by Andrea Zambrano

A personal example happenedĀ during Sunday night, my sister and I were in the car driving to get some frozen yogurt at Forest Hills. On our way, we stopped at a red light and I noticed there was this huge sign saying “DJ’s for all occasions” placed high outside of one of the houses. So, I point it out to my sister and tell her “look, they have DJ’s there now, that’s new” and she responds that the sign has always been there. That caught me by surprise because we always take the same route to the yogurt place and I never seen the sign during all the numerous times passing by the place. However, perhaps, I have seen it before but my memory did not fully process it since it wasn’t my target point at the moment. My target has always been to get to the yogurt place and eat my yogurt wheneverĀ  I take this route so anything before hand isn’t significant.


Reference |Ā Personal Experience

Who with: my sister

When: Sunday night

Where: Forest Hills

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