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How Wes Andersonā€™s Creative Team Designed theĀ The French DispatchĀ Magazine for His LatestĀ Film

Read the article here.

Choose one of the French Dispatch covers that you like and describe what you think the illustratorā€™s intention and subject matter was? What is the color palette? What is the tone or feeling you sense from the illustration? Does the illustration remind you of anything in NYC or can you find aĀ  parallel situation in New York?Ā 

Draw the News or a Podcast

Draw the news via television or radio. 

Or Draw a podcast.

Focus on one segment in the news or choose one podcast. (Podcasts and online radio segments can be replayed which makes it easier for taking notes.)

Jot down key words and phrases discussed.

Fill three pages of your sketchbook with images that come to mind by listening to the news segment or podcast.

For example, if you listen to an interview you could draw the person being interviewed (do some photo research) as well as some specific things they mention in the interview. If itā€™s a musician or actor with a new album or movie that just came out you could draw something related to the film. Or if they talk about a song you can try listening to the song and do a sketch.

Have fun and experiment! This is very open to your specific interests.


CBS , NBC, ABC,etc

NPR has lots of good segments

A few Podcasts I enjoy. Feel free to listen to others.

Modern Love

Science Friday

Radio Lab

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