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Color Palette

For my color palette I’ve decided to stick with various simple colors which include, white, light brown, red , green and blue. Vanilla ice-cream itself is not bright but savory. The cone holding the vanilla ice-cream is light brown. In regards to the other colors I will add a handful of sprinkles to the design. It’s common to add a snack or two to your ice-cream and for this one I chose sprinkles. The sprinkles will be scattered around the cones and logo itself. Rather than stick to one single color they will each look different amongst each other.

Color Choices

When i color, i am usually attracted to very warm colors like yellow, pink, red etc. Vibrant colors like these can really pull you into a piece of art and can look attractive on anything like candy, food, fruits and other edibles. I would only use cold colors if i want to give a very heavy tone to something or to maybe mix the two when i want something complementary to make things pop. My attraction to warm colors could be linked to how much i liked candy growing up and my liking of the vaporwave aesthetic which also combined cold and warm colors.

Colors-Kayla W.

The color choices I normally make are usually with warm, bright, or complementary colors. I normally enjoy seeing the colors yellow, orange and red together (warm colors), because they give a sense of a warming emotion and I enjoy calm feelings. With complementary, I usually love how blue and orange look together, or yellow and purple. Overall, I normally love the color yellow, the different hues and tones. Preferably golden yellow is my favorite color. I think I choose these colors because I feel I’m personally a warm person, someone who anyone could come to, to talk about things, vent, or would want some comfort. These colors specifically remind me of summertime, and that is my favorite time of the year, feeling the warm sun on my skin and going to the beach to enjoy it.

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