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Sketchbook Week 11

Now that the weather is warmer it’s time to go outside and get some spring inspiration.

Fill two pages in your sketchbook with landscape outdoor drawings. Go to a park, someone’s backyard, a skate park, garden, etc. You can try drawing one page showing a wide shot from faraway and then a second sketch zoomed in on one area.

Or fill two pages with full landscapes. The theme is outdoors and spring. So make sure you focus on that. Feel free to include people and animals. Try adding color.

Sketchbook drawings by Ligang Luo

Sketchbook drawings by Ligang Luo

Week 11

Class Info

  • Date: 4/8/22

To-Do Before Class

Assignment 2, Editorial Illustration Assignment 2, part 3

Sketchbook/Reading Exercise Week 10 : Listening and Drawing


Warm Up Exercise

Pick a postcard. Inspiration drawing



  • Critique: Assignment 2, Editorial illustration
  • Sketchbook review

Watercolor Demo with Line

Due Next Week (after break April 29th)

New: Final Project
Movie Poster: Part 1
Final will include a process presentation

  • Final Project: Proposal to include research, reference, brainstorming
    & thumbnails

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