Color and Composition, 4 small illustrations.

  1. Choose an object that interests you. The object can be simple such as a piece of jewelry, a vase, a leaf, a seashell, a shoe, lightbulb, etc.
  2. Neatly draw 4 squares or rectangles on a sketchbook page or over 2 pages. The boxes can be small 2×4, 3×4, 2×2, etc.
  3. Draw the object in each box. 4 different compositions. Draw lightly with pencil. You could draw the object close-up , far away, from an overhead view. What happens when you draw the object upside down or turned at a different angle? Consider the composition and negative space.
  4. Choose a medium such as ink, a micron marker, or a brush pen to add line.
  5. Now try adding color to each small drawing. For example, you could add a single color/ pop of color to one composition. Try two complementary colors in the second composition. For the third, try a monochromatic or analogous palette, etc. You can add color with traditional materials or digitally. Keep it simple.
  6. Upload your drawings on Openlab.
  7. Write a brief description saying chose what color palettes you used. Which one do you feel is most successful?

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