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Sketchbook Week 3 Artist Selfies

At first this task was kind of hard because when looking around nothing stood out to me to draw, but after getting a little creative I came up with these three drawings. For my first drawing I did a superhero holding up a moon, I’m huge fan of comic books and superheroes so I felt like It would be cool if I made my own. For my second drawing it’s a spaceman playing basketball, and my last drawing is just an alien reaching out.

Discussion 3

The step for Jillian Tamaki to uses, she suggest us come up with some ideas, looing something interesting. It can something around you or some experience  with the daily life. And then, collect those idea together, you can collect form internet, or newspaper, or magazine, or use dairy to record . be  careful to look for the source. Find the key word or use your own word to help you understand that. Mark down something is interest to you. Also you can look for the photo as reference to help you create the thumbnail. After you finish that. You can refined your word step by step . I learn some technic is before to start the thumbnail, write down some key word is helpful to create the thumbnail and organize the idea. Also, reference photo is helpful to refine your work in detail.

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