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Assignment 1 Part 2

For this thumbnail, I have a night sky with stars and clouds. I also have a moon and the title “Sleeping Time tea” goes inside of it. This thumbnail was supposed to set the mood for bedtime. 

The second thumbnail is a moon sleeping on a cloud, I would either put the title next to the sleeping moon or have a bubble and have the moon dreaming about the tea name. 

The third thumbnail is a moon with a tea bag hanging from it. The teabag has the title “Sleepy Time tea” inside of it. For this composition, I wanted to connect the tea to the nighttime.

Sketchbook Week 2: Visual Vocabulary

All of the drawing I did were an extension of who I am. Starting off with the gaming drawing , I’ve been a huge gamer since a kid and I still play to this day. I don’t play them as much as I use to , but when I do it’s always good experience and a stress reliver. The reason I did a sports is because I played a lot sports when growing up and will always be a sports fan. The last page is basically a thing I’ve became interesting since I began collage which is Youtube. I have my own channel which is “THE LIFE OF JC” where I do vlogs and challenges with my friends and family, and it’s something I became fond of .

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