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Week 1 Illustration Process Part 1

Week 2 Who’s Who in Commercial Art

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Week 5 Pen and Ink

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Week 9-Editorial illustration

Narrative Illustration

Character Design

Point of View-Composition

Master Study: Albrecht Durer

As the only way to represent value in printed books was through the use of line, we can easily see how the art of printmaking and that of pen and ink illustration are deeply linked.

To see an amazing example of this idea in action, let’s look at the German Renaissance printmaker Albrecht Durer (1471–1528). Durer demonstrated the true mastery that could be achieved in inked and printed line art. Through expert understanding of line and value, he created depth, volume, and mood.

As you examine the following images, take careful note of Dürer’s use of hatching, crosshatching, and stippling in these images. Consider the incredible sense of volume achieved, and the quality of light, created through masterful use of line.

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