For this final project, I will be focusing on the story of Hansel and Gretel. Hansel and Gretel is a story about two young children who venture off into the woods where they get lost, but soon find a house to take shelter in. They meet a witch and the witch seems to be very nice but her dark secret is that she loves to eat children. After struggling inside of the witches home, the children trick the witch and have her fall into a pot that was meant for them.

An idea that I have for my art piece would be the moment where the witch reveals her true intentions. My goal is to have the witch reveal her true face which would be a hideous monster. In that moment, the children would be running away with their smart devices and taking videos and selfie’s of the witch while they are running. My intention is to have a very dark and creepy, but also a humorous image. The children running away while taking selfies and videos would add humor, but not distract from the horror that awaits them.