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Urban Artifacts Phase #4: Deliver

I learned a lot about patience, and also about how to be comfortable with using new things. I also used a lot of imagination and creativity. For my upcoming projects i will keep working harder and harder to make my technique better and better.  I now have experience with the materials, and know how to keep myself from smudging my artwork. In the end i was successful in trying my best to meet all of the projects requirements, showing figure and ground in an ambiguous and stable piece using the artifacts.


Phase 1:



Urban Artifacts: Phase 4

What I learn throughout this project is the meaning of the word ambiguous. Ambiguous means having an unclear or inexact interpretation. What I would have done better is pick different artifacts, I think it would have been more interesting than the original image in phase 1.  In this project, I learn to take time processing a phase, such as phase 2 where I change one of my ambiguous photo and added on to it, which I did in phase 3, and take others advice.

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