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Value added portraits: phase 1


HIgh-key range:

My high key picture is the city tech art gallery. The way this picture was taken lets it represent a high key image. The mood of this composition expresses success and joy. The highlight of the sun coming in makes it look like an artists heaven.


Low-key range:

My low key picture is one of the elevators in City Tech. This image gives off a very dramatic, and mysterious expression. The contrast between very dark to low light, gives it a synical feeling.

Urban Artifacts: Phase 4

Doing this project was a bit frustrating at first because it consisted of turning random images in to a figure that sparks connection with the audience when looked at. Doing so many drafts, I was able to come up with some design ideas, which I believe is a big thing for me because this project allowed me to use my creativity even when I thought that I had no plan. As a first project it wasn’t so bad as I thought it be. I learned how to use photoshop in the process as well which is a big plus cause now I know the basic function of the program.


Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Urban Artifacts: Phase 2

Urban Aetifacts: Phase 2






Urban Artifacts: Phase 2

Urban Artifacts: Phase 2

Hours worked on this project: 3 hours

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