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Midterm Post

Before completing these projects, I didn’t have too much insight on the topics we’ve covered. Out of all 3 projects, my favorite one was the Sound Visualizations. Being able to combine music and art was amazing, I would surely want to do that again. Throughout the projects my vocabulary expanded as well, I now know the clear meanings of different terms. Some things I would’ve done differently would’ve been to ask more questions, and make sure I didn’t procrastinate too much. On upcoming projects I want to be more organized and neater, so that my future work shows a lot more progress.


Midterm Grade Post

I learned lots of things, from how to define obvious and ambiguous figure ground relationship to creating animation of sound visualization on photoshop; I also learned that each composition needs a focus point and should directing viewers’ eyes, make them see what you want them to see.  There are few things that I wish I’ve done differently; I feel even thought I understood my instruction, but I tends to forget to apply what I learned to my work, and I think thats something I have to work on. I am not a detail oriented person, thus, my works are often rough, and I wish I have paid more attention to details on my previous works.


Urban Artifacts: Phase 4

Sound visualization: Phase 4