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Field Trip to BRIC Biennial

This piece of art stood out the most to me even though I cannot relate to it. I noticed there is abuse in this relationship due to the bruises on the woman’s body. ¬†You can also see the man is either extremely tired, ill, or has heavy drug use. I also noticed how there is an alcohol bottle while they are cooking, meaning they might be alcoholics. I also noticed how there are more object on the man’s side, than the woman’s side, showing how he has more control in the relationship. The woman appears to be using a lighter on a chicken leg, which would either represent her drug use or poverty since they might not have gas.

Field Trip to BRIC Biennial

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Fugue , 2016
Rachel Ostrow

Medium: oil on panel

This piece of artwork was the one that most stood out to me. It looks like an opening to another dimensions. I can relate this to a movie I recently watched, intrasteller. Towards the ends there was a part where the main actor entered into another dimension and the images looked just like this painting. I can also relate this to the recent project we did in class, with the saturation a in color.

Field Trip to BRIC Biennial

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When I first saw these pieces I wasn’t as fascinated as when I found out these were made from just memory. This artist’s admiration for this activist is pretty genuine and it is quite incredible to pinpoint anything from your memory to the paper, I have tried making portraits of people without using any reference but memory and it was way too difficult and the results were no where near satisfying. So to see this being exhibited in the museum is pretty inspiring. All of the pieces are quite similar so I guess since practicing certain movements weren’t really affected by memory loss.

Trip to BRIC Biennial

While I was admiring the art from BRIC¬†art gallery,¬†I found many¬†simple art yet with deep meaning and also arts that is visually stunning, however, this is one¬†piece of art that caught my eye; it is a¬†collage of various photo that is being projecting on a surface of a white sheet that is hang¬†onto a rope,¬†two different sheet is been hanged next to the white sheet, also a bucket of water with¬†various fabric is been placed on the floor. I found this piece very relatable; the artist is demonstrating her¬†heritage¬†and how this heritage has changed from a cultural to a¬†modern¬†through her work. I found this piece of art relatable, because I am from family that have a unique culture; but I don’t think that the culture that I am inheriting will¬†have its “original flavors”¬†, I’m seeing “it” will have more of mix and modern cultures in it just like the artist hanged a white sheet between a two color sheet which represents culture.


TRANS port by Nkiruka J. Oparah




A domestic scene of married couple seasoning and cleaning wings, 2016, Oil on canvas, 28x33in

Although I can’t relate to the art, the perspectives and message of this artwork interested me. The choice of using chicken to symbolize drug abuse stuck out to me because it shows how America views black people. Not only that, the photo shows some truth to how hard it is to live in these “urban neighborhoods” and struggle to get by. You can see in their faces how tired they are, probably from the lifestyle. However, there still is ¬†a moment of kindness and love from this couple. The simple act of cooking shows this.

Field Trip to BRIC Biennial




  Path Of Limitations

Work by: N/A

Oil on canvas

I can relate to this work because it presents the starlight road past your limitations. Passing your limitations will bring you to a new path in your world, and much more. Passing your limitations is what makes us quality humans to new discoveries, and it presents evolution. That’s what makes us strong. Nothing can stop us, whether it be the entire universe, or multi dimensions.

Field Trip to BRIC Biennial: CitiBank


By Aaron Gilbert Medium: Oil on Canvas

By Aaron Gilbert
Medium: Oil on Canvas

I feel that I can relate the most to this piece of artwork because of the different messages that it can send depending on the person viewing the image. It has a trait where it can give a very different first impression from person to person, almost like how people do. For some people, they might see him and think that he is holding up a ransom note like what can happen in some cases around the world today. This may also lead a connection to the scar on his head due to being in a gang-related fight which ties together with how he looks like he might be trying to rob a bank.

However, there is also the first impression of him making a desperate plea to the bank for money. As is shown by the state of his health, he seems to need to money just to help him live a life where he can still nourish himself. There is also the signs that his body language gives out in the painting. He seems to have both hands stretched out and leaning on the glass because of whatever kind of situation he may be in. It’s the different possible backgrounds like these and how this painting plays into either of them that I take a liking to this specific art piece.

Field Trip to BRIC Biennial


“Citi Bank” by Aaron Gilbert

Medium: Oil on canvas

Out of all different pieces of art, this one stood out to me. I’ve experienced people begging for help because they were in need, and this makes you grateful for everything that you do have. Tons of people aren’t fortunate with things that most people have in their possession, and this piece of art shows/proves that. The feeling I automatically get from this piece is a sense of hopelessness and desperation, which can be very overwhelming when you’re in a situation like this.