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Sound Visualization: Phase 4

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

When the project was first introduced to the class it looked pretty easy. But as i started sketching and trying to put the pieces together it got more complicated. Eventually i figured it out to the best of my ability and utilized the rule of thirds. My final bristol drawing didnt meet my expectations, but it did look very neat. Lastly, the animation was my favorite. I enjoyed learning how to turn my art work into an animation.

Sound Visualization: Phase 3

Animated Mashup

Hours worked on: 2 hours

I had a couple complications while trying to get this animation done. Never really used photoshop until i started the semester. Overall, i worked pretty hard on making it look as nice and clean as i could. Hope you guys enjoy my 12 seconds !

Sound Visualization: Phase 1

Time Taken: 1hour

Satellite -Guster

Satellite by Guster, has like a very soothing and flowing melody. Thats why most of what i sketched is curvy. The lines that are repeated the most are the beats that were most familiar to me. There were some lines that were not curvy at all and that was towards the middle of the song, where i heard this one single beat that stuck out to me.

I tried my best too just feel the music and go with its flow. The artist is describing a girl as a work of art. She’s his “satellite”. On the final product of my sketch I’ve realized that it looks like the sky. which relates to what the artist is communicating, the girl is his all. She’s always the first star that he finds. It’s a love song. The soothing and flowing melody makes you fell and understand his drive towards her.


Urban Artifacts Phase #4: Deliver

I learned a lot about patience, and also about how to be comfortable with using new things. I also used a lot of imagination and creativity. For my upcoming projects i will keep working harder and harder to make my technique better and better.  I now have experience with the materials, and know how to keep myself from smudging my artwork. In the end i was successful in trying my best to meet all of the projects requirements, showing figure and ground in an ambiguous and stable piece using the artifacts.


Phase 1:



Urban Artifacts Phase #3: Develop




Rush Hour in NYC

I tried to make this as perfect as i could in my eyes. Honestly is was my first time using these markers and all these materials. It took me about two days to finish both pieces.I made a couple of mistakes at first, which drove me to restart over and over, but this was my final product.

Urban Artifacts: Phase 2



Urban Artifacts: Phase 1

Our Google Map

There are a lot of things that new yorkers are oblivious to while going about their day through the streets. We’re all very busy in our own little world, trying to get to places. It really never crosses our mind as to why some things end up being where we see them. In this case litter, is what we gave our attention to as we walked out of the building. How did it get there?

As i walked out the first thing i spotted was this used piece of tape. It looks as if it had been used on a box, was someone just so excited to open their package, that they just opened it right on the street? and then there fell the piece of tape on to the ground? Perhaps.

Then i spotted the lonely bottle cap, the very lonely bottle cap stuck between those geometric metal railings. Someone probably just as clumsy as me, probably opened their water bottle and it just rolled straight into that gap.

Lastly, is the empty liquor bottle… So many reasons as of why it was left there, in the middle of such a busy street. But we’ll never really know why, all we can do is assume.

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