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Midterm Grade Post

  • “What have you learned?”

What I have learned from the three projects that we have worked on so far is that it made me realized what my capabilities are in terms of both creativity, and skill. I don’t really believe that my work was really that good, but it seems to be speaking otherwise judging by the comments I have gotten so far from my fellow classmates. These three projects actually pushed me out of my comfort zone to paint as I never liked painting as oppose to other techniques of coloring. I also had the time to do what I wanted to do in order to improve, and that is inking.  I feel that I have improved my skills as I wanted from working on these three projects.

  • “How would you do things differently next time?”

The way I would do things differently next time is that I would upgrade the projects I have done with my improved creativity, and skills in order to make something better so that I could learn more.

Urban Artifacts: Phase 4

Sound Visualizations: Phase 4

Value-Added Portraits: Phase 1

1.  The key sets the mood of the composition because it adds details to the composition such as shadows making the photo more appealing to look at. This contribute quality to the photo because vending machines with snacks represent greatness so therefore such a machine would fit such a shadowy mood.



2.  The key sets the mood of the composition because the motorcycle is out in the lighting opening. A motorcycle is exciting in terms of you going here, and there in a cool looking but excellent vehicle. The shadows that are also in the composition makes the motorcycle stand out more due to the black shadows nature, it’s more cooler.



Hours worked: 23-25 minutes

Sound Visualizations: Phase 4

My thoughts on this project is that it’s kind of interesting. It helps spark creativity, and improvises on your drawing skills. If I had better drawing skills, and more creativity I probably could have made the project into something more.

Sound visualization:Phase 2

Sound Visualizations: Phase 1.

The song is smooth, but it has this deep wonderful piano sound then it gets louder, and deeper with the singing. The singing connects everything like a line. It gets deeper,  to the peak, then down and up. At certain points, the singing shows signs of getting deeper which also connects the softer points. Then it pulls a 180 with it concluding everything at the peak with it getting a little lower, then all out without overdoing it.

Even then, the deep, but smooth female voice is smooth enough without interfering with anything. The theme of the opening lyrics is equal to the strength of the singer’s singing. I can feel the images of each animation in my mind going along with the flow. The background music created from instruments also fits the flow of the song, and animation.

7-15 mins worked in total.

Urban Artifacts: Phase 2.



A spear


a deathscythe


a unknown creature lurking in the darkness



a worm creature made out of parts of a death scythe attached to something


the hand of a creature clinging to desperation for hopes and dreams


a noble sniper

hours worked: 7

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