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Saturation studies: phase 2

Muted colors


Work time: 2 hours

Prismatic colors


Work time: 2 hours

Sound visualization: phase 4

This project was very challenging. Compared to the other projects I did. It was interesting but very challenging. Overall what I like about this project is that it enhanced my ability to use photoshop. although I had a very difficult time doing it I hope to get better at it

Sound Visualization: Phase 2

Saturation studies: phase 3

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Field trip to bricks

Field trip to bricksf

Value-Added Portraits: Phase 3


Narrow Value


Broad Value

Work time: 2 hours

Midterm grade

All of the projects that I did helped me test my creativity and boosted my skills

Urban Artifacts

Sound visualization


sound visualizations: phase 3

animated mashup

I thought that this project was interesting but very challenging and difficult. However projects like these helps me know more about photoshop and my ability in creativity.

Sound Visualization: Phase 2


Work time: 1 hour

Sound Visualizations: Phase 1

This is the type of song someone would want to listen to if they’re sad, in distress or miserable and they want to make that feeling  ten times worst by listening to it but feel somewhat better because they found a song that describes what they’re feeling. It’s like listening to love songs when you have the biggest crush on someone or listening to Taylor Swift or Drake when someone breaks your heart. It’s the type of song that would have you recall all the depressing and sad events that you experienced throughout your life. However the tune and the lyrics of this song makes me imagine a person locking themselves in a bedroom in the night with the lights off and storm outside and they are crying to the point where they feel as if there is no hope for anything anymore because the very first verse of the lyrics says “I’m in here. Can anybody see me? Can anybody help?” Even though they are isolating themselves from society and not communicating with anyone they want someone to see the signs of their sadness and rescue them from it. Like how the lyrics said “Can you hear my call? Are you coming to get me now? I’ve been waiting for you to come rescue me, I need you to hold all of the sadness I can not living inside of me” this part of the lyrics which is the chorus of the song is self explanatory when it comes to explaining what its trying to say. Also the start of the chorus is after the beat drops. So in other words the singer starts singing softly then after the beat drops she starts singing louder and you hear a sharp soprano voice singing in the background. The first verse of the song makes me imagine that someone is  slowly and calmly telling their story about a sorrowful event that occurred in their life. Then when the beat of the song drops they start crying hysterically and uncontrollably because they can’t continue talking or even thinking about that pain with out getting emotional.

Urban Artifacts: Phase 4

This project allowed me to test my creativity skills into making something that has meaning from something that you can say from nothing. i was able to learn and tell ambiguous figures from obvious figures and this problem also enhanced my thinking skills

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