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Value added portraits: phase 4

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Doing this project helped me understand the meaning behind photography, I wasn’t aware of the two types of ways that pictures(low-key and high-key) can be taken. It was pretty interesting and once we understood the concept of broad and narrow range, the next step was to experiment with gouache. Painting is something I have no experience in but it helped put my skills to the test. Everyday I learn something knew and unlock abilities that I thought I didn’t have. Doing this project was very helpful.

Value added portraits: phase 3

Narrow Range


time spent: 2 hrs

saturation study: phase 2

Muted  colors                                                                                                   Prismatic colors

Value Added portraits- Phase 1

The first image is of the water fountain that’s next to the class. The image gives an ominous mood, if it wasn’t for its reflective surface, it would have been difficult to see that it is a fountain. The second image I chose to make high key because of the amount of light that bounced of the floor and on to the plants surface, which gave it a reflective amount of light even with the grayscale filter.

Value added portraits: Phase 2

Time spent: 2 hours

Lab: midterm post

What I learned from our first project, was¬†to create ambiguous and stable figure ground drawings ¬†made up of pictures that we took from what ever we saw outside of city tech. It was interesting experience ¬†because I realized that garbage could be more than just dirty useless junk, it could be art. Now thats ironic, because when we see garbage our eyes glance at it as we blink, but if you some how change its appearance, our eyes stop to look and admire.¬†Same with the second project, making drawings that included¬†shapes and patterns based on what we heard from the songs. Creating an animation in which the layers of the drawing moved around the frame based on the tempo of the songs. In general doing the two ¬†projects I learned how to use photoshop during the process. It also gave me a chance to work on my creative and imaginative skills. The only thing I would do different, is next time try taking pictures of items that have a more easier shape to work with and with the sound visualization, I’d try to make the drawing more detailed, adding more patterns and shapes, so that when i do the animation, it looks more realistic .

Project 1                                                    Project 2 

Urban Artifacts Phase 4                      Sound Visualization Phase 4

Sound Visualization: Phase 4

Doing this project was pretty fun; learned more about photoshop, I didn’t know the program could also be used for animation. At first it was a bit time consuming, trying to make the mashup sync with the music was a bit of a challenge. The end result was pretty cool and the amount of work that was put into the animation payed off.

Phase 2

Phase 3

Urban Artifacts: Phase 4

Doing this project was a bit frustrating at first because it consisted of turning random images in to a figure that sparks connection with the audience when looked at. Doing so many drafts, I was able to come up with some design ideas, which I believe is a big thing for me because this project allowed me to use my creativity even when I thought that I had no plan. As a first project it wasn’t so bad as I thought it be. I learned how to use photoshop in the process as well which is a big plus cause now I know the basic function of the program.


Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

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