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Trip to BRIC Biennial

While I was admiring the art from BRIC art gallery, I found many simple art yet with deep meaning and also arts that is visually stunning, however, this is one piece of art that caught my eye; it is a collage of various photo that is being projecting on a surface of a white sheet that is hang onto a rope, two different sheet is been hanged next to the white sheet, also a bucket of water with various fabric is been placed on the floor. I found this piece very relatable; the artist is demonstrating her heritage and how this heritage has changed from a cultural to a modern through her work. I found this piece of art relatable, because I am from family that have a unique culture; but I don’t think that the culture that I am inheriting will have its “original flavors” , I’m seeing “it” will have more of mix and modern cultures in it just like the artist hanged a white sheet between a two color sheet which represents culture.


TRANS port by Nkiruka J. Oparah


Saturation Studies : Phase 2

Work time: 4 hours

Saturation Studies: Phase 1


“Dragon in circle with clouds”

I used 4 colors from the color wheel, which are Red, Yellow, Green and Blue; each of the color represents a element, blue represents water, red represents fire, yellow represents metal and green represents earth. I choose dragon because dragons are tend to define by element that they represents.

Work time: 2 hours


Value-Added Portraits: Phase 4

This project taught me numerous fundamental stuff about value; one thing I learned is the difference between broad and narrow value and also what is high-key and low-key. I’ve encounter few difficult situations with this project and that is the painting part; this is my first time working with gouache, thus, the result of the work did not reach my expectation, but I am confidence with gouache in future projects. Over all, I enjoyed this project.

Value-Added Portraits: Phase 1

Value-Added Portraits: Phase 2

Value-Added Portraits: Phase 3

Value-Added Portraits: Phase 3

Work Time: 3 hours

Midterm Grade Post

I learned lots of things, from how to define obvious and ambiguous figure ground relationship to creating animation of sound visualization on photoshop; I also learned that each composition needs a focus point and should directing viewers’ eyes, make them see what you want them to see.  There are few things that I wish I’ve done differently; I feel even thought I understood my instruction, but I tends to forget to apply what I learned to my work, and I think thats something I have to work on. I am not a detail oriented person, thus, my works are often rough, and I wish I have paid more attention to details on my previous works.


Urban Artifacts: Phase 4

Sound visualization: Phase 4

Value-Added Portraits: Phase 2

Work Time: 2 hours

Value-Added Portraits: Phase 1

The first image is high key value, the light that came from both outside and inside created large portion of highlight. Due to the surface texture of the wall, the light are being reflected to the top and created repeated pattern of grey and dark grey.

The second image shows a low key value, light sources are only coming in in one way which left whole composition predominantly dark, and a obvious contrast is being created between light and dark; however, there is a lighter value of dark that is between the light and dark.

Sound visualization: Phase 4

I personally enjoyed this project, the concept of turning music into abstract image is very interesting to me; I like every part of this project. Although I had some misunderstanding in Rule of Thirds, but after listen to my colleague‘s critique, I was able to learn where my mistake is. The last animation part gave me little struggle, because there is some thing wrong with my audio track, and I weren’t able to have my image up show up at the specific rhythm, but the process to making this animation is very fun.

Sound Visualizations: Phase 1

Sound Visualizations: Phase 2

Sound Visualizations: Phase 3

Sound Visualizations: Phase 3

Mash Up Video time Line

Work Time: 4 hours

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