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Field Trip to BRIC Biennial

“I Knew you Before I was Born” by Kambui Olujimi

Medium: Wood, Brass, Glass Walking Cane, Canes, Foot Stool, and Faux Pearls

If there is one thing I can relate to about this art is the feeling of being homesick while at home. Just because you are at a place called home, it doesn’t mean you’re in a place where you feel comfortable. This piece was something I was drawn to the moment I saw it. One think that made me feel different about this piece was that I felt it was more about disassociation. I got this feeling from viewing the large doors off the ground and slightly parted with the pearls draped down, almost as if it were floating.


Saturation Study: Phase 2




Value Added Portraits: Phase 4

In this project I¬†learned how to make abstract collages from a simple gray scale photo of my face and learned the importance of understanding the use of highlights and low lights. I had a few problems during the project such as figuring out abstract images to make, and using the gouache paints. I’m so used to watercolors and markers, gouache was a real step out of my comfort zone because of the way it dried so fast and we couldn’t work with it too wet or else our paper would warp. ¬†What I did find enjoyable was photo-shopping ¬†replicas of our collages.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Value Added Portraits: Phase 3


Midterm Grade

All 3 projects over the course of this semester so far have taught me many things. I learned about figure ground relationships and how they are important in creating a piece to catch the eye of the viewer and give them an idea on what you want to express.  Along with this, when doing project 2, learning about legato and staccato in art helped me to convey smooth and calm or rough and more energetic in my art. Both projects helped me to refine my ideas better and helped me to see how i can better portray my feelings and message in my art. Project 3 helped me to better understand lighting. In making this abstract collage, I had to focus on making my narrow range values narrow enough to be considered so, and to make sure m broad ranged piece was broad enough on the spectrum. This third project helped to give me a better understanding of how to use highlights, low lights, and the rest of the spectrum of gray scale lighting to better express my messages in my art.

Sound Visualizations

Urban Artifacts

Project No. 3

Value Added Portraits: Phase 1

Value Added Portraits: Phase 2

Sound Visualizations: Phase 4

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

This project helped me learn that what you see in art can be interpreted many ways. I was able to use music to create art that would represent the beat and feeling of the song; this art would have to convey what I felt and heard to the viewer. This project was definitely difficult for me because i had problems expressing the staccato and legato music onto the page, but I did learn the importance of being able to convey my ideas and feelings properly in what I create in the future.

Value Added Portraits: Phase 2

20161030_140228-01 This first one is my Broad value range. I made it so it seemed like a peak against the night sky with daylight coming from the left.20161030_140248-01 This second one is my Narrow value range. For this one I focused on the plaid making a vortex towards the cluster of buttons.

Value Added Portraits: Phase 1


High Key- The mouse’s white border by the gray of the table is high key because there is more white with some highlights. Comparing this to the Midvale gray of the desk it is resting on, thetc mouse can clearly be seen as high key.


Low Key- This classroom sign is low key because the black of the sign itself overpowers the light gray of the room number and braille box.


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