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Visualizations: Phase 1.


There are many sounds that I hear through the song middle. Its starts very slow with the piano and then that starts to repeat the same piano beat being very smooth. Then the sounds of the guy singing with the sound of snapping go into the repeating piano beat starts to flow very well together.The flow of the beginning part of the song makes it feel like the song is a sad song. louder vibration beat also starts to join all of the other musical instruments and sounds that repeat besides the guys voice singing start to get louder, but continues to flow together with a very rough loud sound. The vibe of song doesn’t change and the flow of the song changes a little with the beat by the lyrics having a deeper meaning when the beat drops.

Later on in the song when the beat starts to drop everything starts to change. The beat and vibration increase with a weird voice that sounds pleasing and catchy and makes everything very rough, but not to rough yet well enough to notice it. The Flow of the song changed from being Loving into a forgiving loving song. After that section of the part ends it goes straight to being a smooth rough sound with the other instruments and the guy singing. The song then repeats itself even when it drops the second time.

My Song that I chose 

Urban Artifact Phase 4: Deliver

This project has showed me new things and different ways to look at something. I learned how something so simple like trash on the floor can turn into art.  I also learned how to do ambiguous and obvious picture which I didn’t even know what they were before. Thanks to the critics on my project as well I learned that I should be more unpredictable and get out of my comfort zone to what I know. I feel like I did the project just to fill in the requirement and didn’t put much creativity to what I should have done. That is one thing I would change on the next project and be more unpredictable. Overall I think the critics helped me think of what I should do next time on a similar project. I enjoyed this project overall and think it is a good eye opener for the first class. My other assignments were  Urban Artifact Phase: 3 ,  Urban Artifact Phase: 2 , Urban Artifacts: Phase 1

Urban Artifact Phase: 2

Urban Artifacts: Phase 1



I took 3 pictures of Urban artifacts on the trip. The first picture was a dead bird. The dead bird signifies how Mother nature work. The bird will decompose and transfer energy through the soil to help the tree grow that will give life to other things like worms and so the circle of life repeats. The bird is a stable picture because it only shows a dead bird. The bird is organic because it has curves on the wings to actually make it fly with many dimensions. The second picture was a random paper plate on the floor near the sidewalk. That can have a lot of meaning like how the paper plate got manufactured by a factory and distributed to a restaurant to use the paper plate. The paper plate looked like it was from a pizza shop due to the grease on it and someone just threw out the plate when they finished eating the pizza.The paper plate is organic because it doesn’t have many line figures and instead a point that is semi big. The paper plate is also  Organic because it has a stain on it that can have more of a meaning to it. The last picture was a missing tile on the sidewalk. I don’t know how a cemented tile can be missing in the side walk besides no one ever putting one there. The tile is Geometric because it usually have lines that help it make it into a square that turns into a tile. The picture is stable because it doesn’t show much besides a tile missing. They all have something in common though. They are things that us humans take for granted. Life of the bird means life in general is taken for granted by people and not know how to take advantage of being alive. The paper plate is a privilege to have because some people don’t have plates to eat on and some just don’t take care of the Earth because they don’t really think of the bad consequences there are to littering. The tile shows how unimportant and little something missing can do so much like cause an accident just on a missing tile, yet it is something small that can turn into something big.

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