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A domestic scene of married couple seasoning and cleaning wings, 2016, Oil on canvas, 28x33in

Although I can’t relate to the art, the perspectives and message of this artwork interested me. The choice of using chicken to symbolize drug abuse stuck out to me because it shows how America views black people. Not only that, the photo shows some truth to how hard it is to live in these “urban neighborhoods” and struggle to get by. You can see in their faces how tired they are, probably from the lifestyle. However, there still is  a moment of kindness and love from this couple. The simple act of cooking shows this.

Saturation Studies: Phase 1


Doughnut color wheel

This is a doughnut color wheel. I thought it was a good idea to make the color wheel as a doughnut because it is already a circle. I also thought that it would be creative if the sprinkles would be the color.

I worked 2 hours and 30 min on this project.

Value-Added Portraits: Phase 4

There are many things that I have learned in Value-Added Portraits project. One thing I have learned is how to know what it means for a picture to be narrow and broad. It also helped to understand how a picture is with it being high-key or low-key. This project was kind of hard on how we had to paint without me having experience before. I think I didn’t do a very good job on it, but I got complemented a lot so it told me that I did a good job. I also got confused on the paintings that we had to do and I accidentally did 2 instead of one. I was told I would get extra credit so overall I was happy with this project.

Value-Added Portraits: Phase 1Value-Added Portraits: Phase 2Value-Added Portraits: Phase 3

Midterm Grade


There are many things that I have learned mid-semester. I have learned how to be open minded about what I see and be different. In the first project, we took pictures of urban artifacts and made them into art. I would have never thought that something that we find in the street can be art. Although I followed the guidelines, I was still scared to be creative. That is one thing that I would change in my first project is having fear of being creative. In the second project, I learned how to pay attention to music, listen deeper to the beat, and instruments. It was very difficult using Photoshop to make a music video of our paintings. In the third project I made a cut out that had to be narrow and broad with a high-key and a low-key tone. The only part in the project that i found difficult was how we had to paint our cut outs. I’ve never used the gauche paint before so it was very difficult. Besides all of those minor things in the project I wouldn’t have changed anything on my project besides the video being a bit more interactive. Overall, these projects have been very fun yet difficult in certain points.

Sound Visualization: Phase 4, Urban Artifact: Phase 4 Value-Added Portraits: Phase 4

Value-Added Portraits: Phase 2

The pictures and paintings took me over 5 hours

Value-Added Portraits: Phase 1

My low key end picture is the Women’s bathroom door. The high key end picture is the light in the hallways. The low key end picture has a sign saying Women. The High-key end picture has so much light going through the light bulbs that you cant even see the light bulbs. The High-Key end picture also has the light going to the wall that makes the wall have a different color due to the brightness. The Low-Key end picture has a sign in the door, but due to the darkness of the room it makes the sign look like it just vanished at the end, due to it not being visible anymore. I worked on this foe 2 hours.

Visualizations: Phase 4

My name is Ely Ballinas and This Project on sounds has showed me a lot. The title of my design was Middle because of the song I chose.  I learned how to pay attention on things I really don’t listen to like the actual beat of a song. I didn’t realize before if a song can be staccato or legato until doing this project. I was so naive not listening to music without actually hearing everything making the music like it should be.  This project was very difficult because I never used Photoshop before  and I didn’t know what to do exactly. My Original project also got deleted and I had to buy Photoshop to finish the project at home. Even when I bought Photoshop though I was still confused ,but I finished it and I put my twist into the project in my own way. In the video I created I made the Staccato and Legato images pop out and vanish to go with the beat. The images going around also represented the flow of both songs and towards the end I made the full picture of my painting appear to see the outcome. Overall this was a fun and eye opening project that i enjoyed very much.

Visualizations: Phase 1Visualizations: Phase 2Visualizations: Phase 3

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