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Sound Visualization: Phase 1

The sounds from the song “I’ll Show You” by Justin BieberĀ starts off as constant and extremely soft. I visualize the song starting in a circular pattern, and then exceedingly increasing in rhythm. The variety throughout the song appears to be repeating, but it also has a specific flow. In the song some sounds go sharp, following a flowing type of sound. I greatly understand the meaning of the song when I actually listen to the beat/flow. The intention of the artist is to get people to understand how he feels, and he surely does deliver the message.Ā The songwriter had a goal of creating a raw beat, that allows the artist to express different emotions. People are extremely critical when it comes to Bieber himself, but without a question he made this song special.

The combination of the beat and the consistency went together well in the process. When creating rhythm and music in general, its important for their to be emotion. When creating the sketch I noticed the beginning of the song, had a clear visual. I sat and listened to theĀ song atleast 3 times and this helped out a lot, The artist creates a sense of vulnerability, which also helps to make a song song better. This songs sticks out to me because I feel it shows how open and honest, someone can get, even when it isn’t easy to be.

Work Time: 1 Hour




Urban Artifacts: Phase 4

This project allowed me to test my skills, when it came to understanding obvious and ambiguous compositions. Next time I will definitely plan out what I want to do next time, so that everything will be more organized. The critique helped me acknowledge that there were things I could work on, but it also made it clear that my work had a lot of potential in it. In the next project I plan on putting more skills into my art, so that I get better with my art.

Urban Artifacts: Phase 1

Urban Artifacts: Phase 2



Urban Artifacts Phase 2



Work Time: 3 Hours


Urban Artifacts: Phase 1

In New York City everyday people decide to liter, and they don’t really give a response to why they do. If you don’t know littering could be defined as making a place untidy with rubbish or a large number of objects left lying about.Ā One day I was walking along Jay St. where I stumbled across several things that were quite interesting,. First off I spotted a sign that read ”CUNY NEEDS A RAISE”, this was something that really stood outĀ to me. Someone was really passionate about the message they were trying to get out there, which was possible because it was written in bold. This was something that was really creative and it is viewed as geometric, in which it also had some color involved. Something else that stood out were the rocks that were spread all over the ground, they looked as if they were meant to be in order. Usually I don’tĀ see rocks in the street, so this was actually a unique artifact for myself. The final artifact was a bottle cap, now obviously someone finished their drink and decided the cap wasn’t necessary to have in their possession. I would expect to see the bottle of whatever the person was drinking on the ground, but why the cap?Ā  It was sitting there so lonely, while life and people just passed on right by it. These artifacts were unique to see in my opinion, especially the CUNY sign.

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