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Field Trip to BRIC Biennial: CitiBank


By Aaron Gilbert Medium: Oil on Canvas

By Aaron Gilbert
Medium: Oil on Canvas

I feel that I can relate the most to this piece of artwork because of the different messages that it can send depending on the person viewing the image. It has a trait where it can give a very different first impression from person to person, almost like how people do. For some people, they might see him and think that he is holding up a ransom note like what can happen in some cases around the world today. This may also lead a connection to the scar on his head due to being in a gang-related fight which ties together with how he looks like he might be trying to rob a bank.

However, there is also the first impression of him making a desperate plea to the bank for money. As is shown by the state of his health, he seems to need to money just to help him live a life where he can still nourish himself. There is also the signs that his body language gives out in the painting. He seems to have both hands stretched out and leaning on the glass because of whatever kind of situation he may be in. It’s the different possible backgrounds like these and how this painting plays into either of them that I take a liking to this specific art piece.

High-Key & Low-Key: Phase 4

During this project, I learned about the roles that grayscale can play in bringing a composition together. While I was searching for pictures to use for this project, I saw many different choices so I was a little overwhelmed at first, even though I managed to make the choices I needed.

Taking apart those pictures and putting them back together as something completely different was the next task that I found challenging during this project. I felt like the results that I could have had with the pictures I had were limited, but I cast that thought aside and continued with what I thought to be fitting for the project.

On the third phase of this project, I felt that I had a significantly easier time moving through this project. I wasn’t sure if it was because I was already accustomed to the medium we were using, which was Adobe Photoshop, or if it was because it was similar to one of the tasks we had earlier in the project. Either way, I feel that I performed better in this phase compared to the others.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Midterm Grade Post

During the first half of this semester, I’ve learned a lot about how specific arrangements of shapes and colors can manipulate the message delivered by a composition. I also learned how compositions can be gathered and portrayed from more than one medium.

However, I have also learned that I still have things to take away from this project. For instance, one of the qualities I feel that I need to improve on the most is craftsmanship. My works haven’t always been the neatest in terms of organization and projection so I believe that’s one quality I need to improve on to get to the next level.

Sound Visualization

Urban Artifacts

High-Key & Low-Key: Phase 1


I believe that the light values in this photo help to actively guide the eye down the corridor and into the doorway. I also feel that the subtle dark values give the eyes a place to rest, which gives the doorway in the picture an important function.


I feel that the wall paint serves a good purpose as the main dark value for this photo. It also has shadows that add to the darkness of the photo. It allows the lighter values to find a way to blend into the main dark value. While there is a fair amount of light elements in the picture, I feel like they help the darker images stand out in the composition.

Sound Visualization: Phase 4

Phase 1

Phase 2 

Phase 3


I feel that during this project, I learned more about how different sounds can be represented by varying images. I also learned about how I can orchestrate those images to further drive the message to the viewers. However, I feel that I could have improved on the design of my composition. While I was working on it, I felt like there were very limited paths I could take with the artwork used in my composition. So I believe that if I am to participate in a project like this again, I’ll need to reflect on that.

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