This Dolphin fish is a good example of color to color progression because of the way it starts off as blue, makes its way towards green in the middle and finishes off at yellow. The blue to yellow progression is smooth all the way through, and blends well in the middle of the fish, proving this as a good example.


This Blue Macaw is a good example of tint progression because the feathers that start at the beak are a grayish blue which fades out of the birds head into a more solid blue. Depending on how the light hits the birds feathers is how blue they will look, hence the feathers towards the bead are a faded grayish blue, and the birds body is more of a vibrant blue.


This photo of a Wolverine is a good example of shade progression because the light brown of its furn fades into dark brown fur and then darkens into back near its face.  Showing a shade progressing that goes from color to black.