December 14, 2016


WHERE: Cooper Hewitt Design Museum
2 East 91st Street
(between 5th and Madison Avenues)
New York, New York 10128

HOW: Take the 4, 5, 6 to 86th Street and walk 4 blocks North and West, toward the park.

WHEN: Meet outside the Musuem entrance at 10:30am SHARP.

  • PLAN AHEAD: Check Google map directions for transportation times
  • You will be back at school by 2pm.

What’s DUE?

Lab/Field Trip


At the Museum:

  • Using the interactive pen, “collect” objects from the museum collection and save them as sources for your Proportional Color Inventory.
  • Find a reference that has the following elements:
    1. Dominant color, Sub-Dominant color, and Accent color.
    2. A tint or shade

After the Museum:

  • Visit your custom Museum collection page (as described by the Museum postcard)
    At home or on your mobile device visit and enter the code printed on your ticket—everything you collected and created will be waiting for you!
  • OR… Find your objects in the online collection
  • OR.. Try searching by color
  • Right/Control-click on the image to save it for placement in your Proportional Color Inventory.

IMPORTANT: Review PROJECT #6 guidelines very closely and complete:

  1. Phase 2: Proportional Color Inventory
  2. Phase 3: Final Freestudy (directly based on the Proportional Color Inventory)



LAST DAY! All work is due!

  1. PROJECT #6
    • Phase 1-4 (posted to the Class Blog)
    • Bring Proportional Color Inventory and Final Freestudy (to turn in)
  2. Review the class outlines for Class 1-29, Vocabulary, all six Project guidelines, and Understanding Your Grade.
  3. This is your last chance to complete or rework your projects to improve your grade. You will not have time in class.
  4. Materials Needed:
    • a portfolio to take your work home.

Download PDF