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Saturation Studies: Phase 3


By: Lilian Martinez

By: ShanShan Yu

By: ShanShan Yu

Our band name is Spicy Crush, I wanted the blocks to be chromatic grey, the background to have a pure color, and the letters to be muted. ShanShan and I could not decide which one was best for us because they both looked similar but different order in saturation and ShanShan wanted to change hers again.

Hours Worked: 2 Hours

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  1. Gabriela

    I enjoy ShanShan’s use of warm and vibrant colors to really give off the feeling of heat and warmth that the band name “Spicy Crush” says. The picture of the flame is also a nice addition because it really feels like it brings the whole pice together. One thing I would suggest is to center the flame more because it seems like its leaning more towards the bottom righthand corner.

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