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“I knew You Before You Was Born” by Kambui Olujimi

Medium : Wood, Brass, glass walking stick, canes, foot stool, and faux pearls.

This piece grasped my attention primarily because the artist, Kambui Olujimi, creates his work to address his experience of commemoration and loss. In this piece, he evokes a pleasant memory and personal story about a neighbor activist who was his friend. Catherine Arline, the activist, died in 2014.  He incorporated the two original doors from her apartment to create a dedicated piece just for her along with the pearls Catherine had worn. When I first looked at the piece, I gained a sense of understanding prior to reading the history underneath the artwork. Numerous of emotions can be concluded from this, you gain a sense of loss and it instantly impacts you. I reflected on the loss of someone who was of importance to me. This piece persuaded me to do the same to commemorate my friend as well.