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Field Trip to BRIC Biennial


“Strong Medicine” by William Villalongo

Medium: cut velour on matte board

This piece of artwork caught my attention because I thought was a pine tree when I first saw it. But when I look up closer I saw the snake show up in the pile of tree branches(?) when the bird pick up one of them. It symbolizes whenever you do something, someone might be watching you in the dark.  The raised hand might show surrender because you never know  how many of them is in the dark since you can’t see them.The feeling that I have after I took a closer look on it was when you are in a dangerous situation,the  only way to be safer is to surrender.


  1. Ely

    I like the connection you made between the art piece and morality/ fight vs flight. When I originally saw the piece, I didn’t even think of that perspective so your explanation really opened up my eyes.

  2. Saadman1997

    This was one of my favorites only because of the amount of details put into this work. Very detailed composition.

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