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Value-Added Portraits: Phase 4

There are many things that I have learned in Value-Added Portraits project. One thing I have learned is how to know what it means for a picture to be narrow and broad. It also helped to understand how a picture is with it being high-key or low-key. This project was kind of hard on how we had to paint without me having experience before. I think I didn’t do a very good job on it, but I got complemented a lot so it told me that I did a good job. I also got confused on the paintings that we had to do and I accidentally did 2 instead of one. I was told I would get extra credit so overall I was happy with this project.

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  1. Val Bailon

    So i know we both had the same confusion, kind of funny i thought i was the only one that didnt follow through. Anyways, i really liked your project, all four portraits came out very nice. im still amazed at your skills with gouache, i wish mine wouldve came out as nice as yours. Nice job, keep it up !

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