What I learned from our first project, was¬†to create ambiguous and stable figure ground drawings ¬†made up of pictures that we took from what ever we saw outside of city tech. It was interesting experience ¬†because I realized that garbage could be more than just dirty useless junk, it could be art. Now thats ironic, because when we see garbage our eyes glance at it as we blink, but if you some how change its appearance, our eyes stop to look and admire.¬†Same with the second project, making drawings that included¬†shapes and patterns based on what we heard from the songs. Creating an animation in which the layers of the drawing moved around the frame based on the tempo of the songs. In general doing the two ¬†projects I learned how to use photoshop during the process. It also gave me a chance to work on my creative and imaginative skills. The only thing I would do different, is next time try taking pictures of items that have a more easier shape to work with and with the sound visualization, I’d try to make the drawing more detailed, adding more patterns and shapes, so that when i do the animation, it looks more realistic .

Project 1                                                    Project 2 

Urban Artifacts Phase 4                      Sound Visualization Phase 4