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Sound Visualizations: Phase 3

This was my first time using Photoshop, when it came to making videos. I enjoyed being able to include music and allow my composition to come to life. I would definitely do something like this in my free time, so I can increase my understanding with timelines on Photoshop. Creating this was fun for me ,but it was also challenging. Some critique is something that I want to receive, so that I can better my creation now and even if I do something like this in the future.

Hours Worked: 2 Hours


  1. ShanShan Yu

    I like how you move your piece, like they are dancing. But I think you can do a little more movements.

  2. Aaron

    When I look at it, it reminds me of when something is trembling and about to fall to pieces. I saw that as a very creative way to make the most of minimal movement.

  3. Franco

    I like how you made the images shake as if they are dancing to the music. The video is nice and simple.

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