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Sound Visualization: Phase 3

Animated Mashup

Hours worked on: 2 hours

I had a couple complications while trying to get this animation done. Never really used photoshop until i started the semester. Overall, i worked pretty hard on making it look as nice and clean as i could. Hope you guys enjoy my 12 seconds !


  1. Aaron

    I like the style of the composition and how it seems very straight forward. The artwork is also nice as well. However, I’m still wondering what the movements of these advocate about the composition.

  2. Gabriela

    I like how some of the frames slide along to the legatto part of the music, almost like they’re floating away.

  3. ShanShan Yu

    I like how you decide to fade out all of them at the end.

  4. Lilian

    You did a great job with your animation and I think your staccato and legato patterns go along with the music.

  5. Katherine Alvarez

    LOVE IT! i like how it correlates with the music and how each pattern slides out of frame in the end

  6. Franco

    I like how your animation ends smoothly with all images leaving the composition.

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