The song I used is CF0$’ song titled “The Rising Sun” (feat. Lee England Jr.)”, an entrance theme used by professional wrestler, Shinsuke Nakamura. It is a remixed version of their original version released of April this year, with this one having a live violinist performing. When listening to it, a  well done violin piece plays in the beginning. It starts off slow at first, but picks up shortly after. Then the main part of the song starts, with the violin’s beat still playing in the background.

The beginning gives off a calming and relaxing state of mind for the audience listening, as well as the person performing it. As it goes on, the speed of the sound accelerates, the tone changes slightly to a more erratic pattern, but still gives the feeling that something big is going to happen. Then once the other instruments come in, so many emotions begin to rush, as the new energetic beat begins to blend in with the soothing, calm sounds of the violin. Because of the intense feeling, it’s almost if it wants to continue on forever.

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