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Sound Visualizations: Phase 1.

The song is smooth, but it has this deep wonderful piano sound then it gets louder, and deeper with the singing. The singing connects everything like a line. It gets deeper,  to the peak, then down and up. At certain points, the singing shows signs of getting deeper which also connects the softer points. Then it pulls a 180 with it concluding everything at the peak with it getting a little lower, then all out without overdoing it.

Even then, the deep, but smooth female voice is smooth enough without interfering with anything. The theme of the opening lyrics is equal to the strength of the singer’s singing. I can feel the images of each animation in my mind going along with the flow. The background music created from instruments also fits the flow of the song, and animation.

7-15 mins worked in total.

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  1. Christopher M.

    i really liked this post for sound visualizations phase :3*

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