While participating in this project, I feel that I have developed a deeper understanding between the relationship of the figure and the background highlighting it. I have also learned that they are also able to play off of each other and make each other more noticeable. However, I feel that I have only completely grasped the introduction to this concept. There is still much practice that I need to do before I am able to fully utilize the figure/ground relationship in the way that I desire. One of the ways is that I feel that I need to learn more on balancing the figure and ground to get the kind of effect that I want. I also need to work on not only how to use the subject of my art pieces, but also the space around them as well. What I will try to do in the future is to try and utilize the full potential that the space around me gives. This may allow me to get the kind of effect I want to viewers in the most efficient way.


Urban Artifacts: Phase 1

Urban Artifacts: Phase 2

Urban Artifacts: Phase 3