The first Meet the Pros lecture of the Fall semester is taking place tomorrow! Please stop by, especially if you are interested in web or game development.

  •  Tuesday, September 20th at 6:30pm
  • Grace Gallery, Namm 11th Floor

Rachél Bazelais : Game Designer

Rachél Bazelais

Rachél Bazelais

Rachél is a front end web developer and game designer in pursuit of that sweet spot between interactivity and user centered design. With experience in both front end design and game programming, this award winning developer creates narratives through a multidisciplinary lens. Aside from making interactive sites and games, Rachél also teaches game development and web development through organizations like Code Liberation and ScriptEd, with a passion to help increase diversity in tech. She’s also a co-founder and co-host on the Games, Seriously Podcast, a series on game and tech culture. After winning the Intel/Women in Gaming Scholarship in 2015 and the Pixelles Scholarship this year to attend the Game Developer Conference she has become even more involved in the local game development community in New York City. That includes Playcrafting events, game jams, IGDA NYC meetups and mentoring game developers for the Kill Screen Festival Scholars Program.



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